Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Hands Over Warehouse Keys to KC Firm

by Mark Carter  on Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 10:45 am  

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition will partner with a Kansas City firm to manage the warehousing process at its Dumas manufacturing plant.

Wagner Logistics will assume responsibility for the warehouse and even absorb up to 32 current Ainsworth warehouse employees who choose to stay and meet its hiring qualifications, the company announced Friday.

Ainsworth is a fifth-generation pet food company based in Dumas. It has three business units: Dad's Pet Care, Ainsworth Specialty Brands and Ainsworth Custom. Wagner, a leading supply chain management provider based in Kansas City, Mo., has seven offices throughout the U.S. including a facility in Pine Bluff.

Ainsworth president Jeff Watters said in a news release that the partnership will enable Ainsworth to focus more on "making great pet food products."

Wagner will be responsible for all Ainsworth products from the time they are packaged and transported from the plant to the warehouse and loaded for customer delivery. Wagner also will be responsible for all inventory at the warehouse.

Wagner CEO Brian Smith said the partnership will allow his company to help Ainsworth "take its business to the next level."



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