Field Agent's 5 Tips for Startup Success

by Mark Carter  on Monday, Nov. 5, 2012 12:00 am  

Donny Epp of Field Agent has five tips for early-stage startups:

1    In a startup, every employee is a Swiss army knife. "Not my job" is not a valid statement.

2    Be nice and care about people. No one wants to work with jerks.

3    Invoice. You're only as good as your invoice.

4    Keep perspective in your successes and failures; starting up is a roller-coaster ride.

5    Better to launch and learn than to learn and never launch.

Epp on Innovate Arkansas:

"Innovate Arkansas has acted as a trail guide for us, really unveiling the beautiful landscape of support that's available in our state. They've made some key introductions to investors and others who've been able to provide perspective and direction on our business, specifically in regard to seeking funding."

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