Accounting Firms to See Milestones in ‘13

by Serenah McKay  on Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 8:59 am  

Lundy said he and DeSoto agreed from the start that they would be sister offices, and he feels they’ve accomplished true regionalism.

“On any given day, somebody from the Rogers office is in Fort Smith or vice versa,” he said.

DeSoto said Rogers and Fort Smith are fairly small offices compared to many in the company.

It just makes good sense to look at these offices as combined to provide quality services for quality clients, he said. That gives them the flexibility to match the staff member with the most expertise in a particular area with the client’s needs.

“We just pick whoever the best person is and go from there,” he said. “And our staff embraces that.”

It’s an easy one-hour drive, he added, and the staff likes the change in scenery.

“We basically refer to ourselves as being Northwest Arkansas partners, and that’s rubbed off on our staff, too,” he said. “It’s basically a Northwest Arkansas practice, and we do whatever we have to do to serve our clients and serve them well.”

 One factor that sets the firm apart from its competitors is “we’re very industry-niche focused, such as real estate, governmental and nonprofits,” DeSoto said. “That allows our staff to truly become experts in that industry. That’s what we tell our clients when we send an accountant out to a job,

“Our focus is to be very value-added, and tell the story behind the numbers.”


Two Become One

Dick Barclay, one of the founding members who is now retired but serves as a consultant to Beall Barclay, started the Rogers side of the firm in 1961 as a partnership with his brother.



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