Donald W. Reynolds Governor's Cup Winners Announced

by Amy Riggin  on Thursday, Apr. 17, 2008 2:58 pm  


First Place: Renaizzance Clothing, University of Central Arkansas - A company with an urban clothing line that has a "positive and inspiring outlook on hip-hop." ($20,000)

Second Place: Enterra, John Brown University - A retail store that would specialize in environmentally friendly fashion. ($10,000)

Third Place: VitaTag, Harding University - A company that would supply cost-efficient products for tracking the health and progress of livestock. ($5,000)

Innovation Award: VitaTag, Harding University ($5,000)


First place: Protrom Medical, University of Arkansas - A company that would provide innovative medical systems, such as a temporary abdominal closure device. ($20,000)

Second place: MerchantEyes LLC, University of Arkansas - A company whose Web-based software would track and validate in-store retail merchandising activities. ($10,000)

Third place: Track Life Systems, University of Arkansas - A company that would provide power plant engineers information on accurate inspection intervals, energy-efficient operating parameters, materials properties data and more. ($5,000)

Innovation Award: TruSource Technologies LLC, University of Arkansas at Little Rock - A company that would market an anti-counterfeit, nano-composite sensor to pharmaceutical companies. ($5,000)




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