Power Technology Expands: Alexander Firm Creates Niche In Giant Industry

by George Waldon  on Monday, Jan. 14, 2008 12:00 am  

William, left, and Walter Burgess are second-generation leaders at Power Technology.

The company stocks lasers with 125 combinations of wave-length and power levels covering a 2,000-nanometer range of light, from the mid-ranges ultraviolet through the visible spectrum of humans to mid-ranges of infrared.

The machine shop is accustomed to producing parts with tolerance specifications of plus or minus 0.005 inch, half the base line for typical manufacturers.

"We can go down to less than 0.001 inch on request, as long as the customer is willing to pay for it," Walter said. "The level of precision demanded by our customers continues to push us."

Power Technology's emphasis on fabricating in-house components gives it an edge in responding to an order, requiring less lead time to gear up for production.

"We are firm believers of integration," William Burgess said. "A lot of people want to outsource, outsource, outsource."

In addition to improved inventory management and quality control, the company's integrated production allows it to pull off quick turnaround times. Two weeks or less for customized work is the norm for Power Technology. The firm's flexibility and custom capabilities help it land and retain clients.

"We solve their problem, and they're locked in with us," Walter Burgess said of customer development.

Power Technology typically avoids the dog-eat-dog markets where the big boys roam, for example, laser-related data storage opportunities such as printers, compact disks, DVDs and more.

"That's not us, and we're quite content with that," Walter Burgess said. "We primarily make the laser simple to use."

Forms New Group

This year, the company announced the formation of Photonic Component Group, which distributes laser components for a variety of domestic and foreign manufacturers including Eagleyard Photonics of Germany, Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. of Japan, Snake Creek Lasers LLC of Hallstead, Pa., and InTopto of Norway

The Photonic Component Group also resells products by Opnext Inc., a spin-off of Hitachi's laser diode and photonics division



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