UALR Nanocenter Gets SBA Grant to Share Technology with Schools, Businesses

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007 12:00 am  

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock Nanotechnology Center has received a $493,615 grant from the Small Business Administration to assist researchers at other state universities and businesses to create significant innovations through the science of working with materials at the atomic level.
In addition, a small portion of the funding will be directed to support research that may lead to the founding of new businesses in Arkansas.
Tom Walker, vice provost for innovation and commercialization at UALR, said the SBA grant will train scientists and researchers at other institutions to develop skills and knowledge needed to access the state-of-the-art instrumentation at UALR’s Nanotechnology Center.
“The grant will allow UALR to share access to the instrumentation and participate in research expected to have enormous application expanding businesses and creating new ones that are expected to grow out of the research of the center,” Walker said.
The grant will be used to fund a program called the Innovation Technology Access Project (ITAP), which is designed to demonstrate methods of applying significant innovations to existing firms to improve their competitive position in the market place, Walker said.
Coordinated by the UALR Nanotechnology Center and UALR’s Arkansas Small Business Development Center, ITAP will provide non-UALR researchers access to a cluster of high-level instruments at the center, including a scanning electron microscope, a transmission electron microscope, Raman spectrometer and other state-of-the-art instruments being installed at UALR.



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