Modthink Helps Social Media Click with Small Businesses

by Serenah McKay  on Monday, Aug. 6, 2012 12:00 am  

Roth summarized modthink's approach: "It's your voice that consumers want to connect with, not necessarily ours.

"You can really see the difference in transparency and authenticity when you actually find the time to write about the products and services that you're working on every single day, as opposed to outsourcing it to someone who isn't."

Kaminsky, who was already a computer user, said while understanding the mechanics of Facebook is part of the equation, the other part is understanding the philosophy.

"This call and response, posting a response, was a good idea I learned from [modthink], actually carrying on a conversation with people on the Web, with people you don't see but they're there nonetheless," he said.

Modthink has a three-prong business plan.

Besides working individually with small businesses like Houndstooth and Kaminsky, they also give workshops, like some they've done through the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, where they work in a group setting to give business people some tips to get started and improve what they're already doing.

The third aspect of the business is working with small agencies and shopper-marketing teams in Bentonville who need help developing their social media strategy.

As for cost, modthink has developed some basic pricing for its services to individual clients, though that will vary depending on the clients' unique needs. Robinson said typically a company ends up paying about $12,000 over a six-month period.

Modthink's client roster already includes businesses such as Moxy Ox, SureSafe Tornado Shelters and Terra Tots Natural Parenting. They're about to start working with the regional chapter of the American Red Cross, Robinson said.

Of all the companies Baker vetted to help him with social media, he said, what sold him on modthink was that from his first contact with them, "I got the sense that they were professional, that they were serious about what they did, and that our business was important to them.

Then once we got going, it seemed like a good fit from our first meeting on.

"Modthink really just cared about the quality of the product that we were going to create together."



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