Modthink Helps Social Media Click with Small Businesses

by Serenah McKay  on Monday, Aug. 6, 2012 12:00 am  

Meeting with the modthink team an average of once a week, Baker said he realized the process wasn't about getting more "followers," but developing a better strategy for communicating with his customers and gathering feedback from them.

That process just evolves, he said, and is very organic.

"We've been around for 20 years and we have a very loyal customer base that has been very good to us," Baker said. "And I think communicating with them and being able to learn from them and hear from them, I think for us is really where the value is here."

So far, the collaboration with modthink is working out well, he said.

"We haven't done anything off the charts as far as promotion, or jumping up and down and screaming, ‘Hey, we're here.'

"But the things we have done, the posts we've made and the schedule we're following, we've definitely seen results from that, and we've seen it in lots of ways. We've seen an increase in communication with customers, not only in quantity but in quality."

He's also seen sales go up, and had success driving sales with special promotions and events thanks to modthink's coaching.

Modthink also is helping overhaul Houndstooth's website, Baker said, and getting the company set up on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Though he sees these steps having some benefit in supplementing a small advertising budget, Baker says that's secondary to the more important goal of taking care of customers.

"You have to be true to yourself, and that's something I think modthink has been very good at - getting to know who we are and understanding our culture, and then helping us be consistent as we get more involved in social media and stay true to who we are."          



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