Custom Aircraft Cabinets Buys New $3.7M Home (Real Deals)

by George Waldon  on Monday, Nov. 19, 2012 12:00 am  

Mike Gueringer, left, and Paul Reesnes, co-owners of Custom Aircraft Cabinets, are relocating their North Little Rock enterprise into redeveloped retail space in Sherwood.  (Photo by Jason Burt)

Rowan Development LLC, led by Jacob Chi, acquired the 9.5-acre Breezy Meadows Farm from Marie Osborne.

The equestrian spread previously was tied to a February 2009 mortgage of $365,000 held by Cenlar Federal Savings Bank of Trenton, N.J., and a June 2010 mortgage of $125,000 held by Allied Bank of Mulberry.

The property also helped secure a July 2010 mortgage of $900,000 held by Allied Bank. The property was purchased for $858,000 in July 2002 from Judy McDonald.

River Ridge Abode

A 4,933-SF home in Little Rock’s River Ridge neighborhood changed hands in a $590,000 deal.

Charles and Karen Tlapek bought the house from Christopher and Naomi Stratton.

The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $417,000 from Simmons First National Bank of Pine Bluff.

The residence previously was linked with a May 2010 mortgage of $408,000 held by Moore Mortgage Inc. of Little Rock and a July 2010 mortgage of $80,000 and an August 2010 mortgage of $20,000 held by Delta Trust & Bank.

The property was ac-quired for $510,000 in May 2010 from Jett and Robin Ricks.

PV House

A 3,000-SF home in west Little Rock’s Pleasant Valley neighborhood rang up a $557,000 sale. The Lily Roma Burton Trust, led by Brian and Jamie Burton, purchased the house.

The seller is the Chenault Family Trust, led by Harry Chenault Sr.



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