Movista Hopes to Duplicate Big Year

by Mark Carter  on Monday, Dec. 3, 2012 12:00 am  

Movista co-founders April Seggebruch and Stan Zylowski

The Movista crew knew retail before it mastered technology. As Walton MBA students, Wal-Mart's shadow was ever present. Northwest Arkansas now is recognized as a retail hub thanks to its influence, and Movista is happy to take advantage.

"Our product was created to meet known needs of retailers and manufacturers," Seggebruch said. "We came from that world. Our proximity to so many firms seeking the best way to serve their customers and to retailers who often lead with innovation has obvious implications. We see more potential clients in a week than most folks can see in a month or quarter. We had many relationships, so opening doors can be easier. And we can look clients in the eye and honestly can say we know their pain. That's powerful stuff."

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