Snyder Environmental, Our House Join To Match Jobs, Training

by Kate Knable  on Monday, Dec. 3, 2012 12:00 am  

Carter’s company isn’t the only one hiring asbestos workers, and ACEF will be using its contacts within the Arkansas construction industry to help those who complete the new program — from Our House and other organizations that work with the homeless — to find work.

“There are others involved in the industry that we’ll be placing these completers with,” said Schaeffer, the ACEF executive director. “I’ve surveyed several of those contractors and been assured that the completers of this program are going to be in demand. … They are going to be first in line to be hired.”

Travis Brown, 45, has lived at Our House for about 14 months and is among the Our House clients interested in the asbestos training program.

“I kind of want to get into a field where I can make a little more money,” Brown said.

“I’m always in for something new, especially something that’s going to advance me, not only in pay, but career-wise.”

Mjartan, with Our House, is looking for ways to provide opportunities that can again give the nonprofit’s clients “an edge” when competing for jobs. The asbestos training could be such a program, she said.

“Something that’s really unique about this partnership is it’s a career-ladder partnership in a field that is growing, where there’s demand in central Arkansas [and] well-paying jobs,” Mjartan said. “It’s everything we want.”

The Numbers
At least 164 different employers hired Our House clients in 2011 in more than 10 industries, including child care, construction, education, hospitality, manufacturing and retail. Our House served 1,057 people in 2011.

Required for ACEF Asbestos Training Program
• Must be currently homeless or chronically homeless and at least 18 years old.
• Must have a high school diploma, a GED diploma or be willing to take a GED test preparation course.
• Must be able to wear a respirator, lift at least 40 pounds by themselves and work in a confined space.

 - Source: Steve Schaeffer, Arkansas Construction Education Foundation



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