Health, Holidays Can be Good ‘Fit'

by Paul Gatling  on Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 8:33 am  

Before opening his own shop — which employs three trainers, including Mason, and has a referral-based clientele of about 50 — Mason trained out of multiple commercial health clubs in Northwest Arkansas. He said maintaining a healthy fitness level during the holidays can be dictated by your actions during the other 11 months of the year.

One of Mason’s clients at CryBox agreed. Crissy Sample is responsible for work force planning as director of innovation for Sam’s Club in Bentonville. Sample has been training with Mason five days a week since April, with an initial goal of strengthening her core muscles, as opposed to losing weight.

But in the past 45 days, with a more health-conscious diet plan to supplement her regular training sessions, Sample has lost 12 pounds and lowered her body fat by 4 percent.

“I started feeling healthy, but I wanted to see more results so I started eating healthier, as well,” she said.

However, Sample said she ate “what everybody else did” during Thanksgiving — not necessarily a bad thing, but because her mindset has changed about what is acceptable as it relates to her fitness level, she was unhappy.

“It wasn’t that I ate too much, I just didn’t feel good about it afterwards; so I was mad,” she said. “The day after, I went right back to healthier eating habits.”

Sample, who said she loves to bake during the holidays, said she won’t be extra diligent this month about her workout routine or diet. The Sam’s Club Home Office, she said, will be a popular place for holiday snacks.

“I’ll never be one of those people who says ‘no’ to food,” Sample said. “I will always enjoy something and if someone brings in a pie to work, you can enjoy it and not overdo it. Just take a smaller piece. You can eat in moderation and not put yourself in position to get down on yourself.”

Jeff Bonacci, the director of the sports medicine training program at the UA, suggests a more painstaking tactic.

“I split my plate in three sections with a peace sign,” he said. “At the top is your carbs, to the left are the veggies and to the right is your protein. You can make it so the sections are even, but the smaller of the sections needs to be the carbs. And that’s always a good rule of thumb.”

Moore also suggests eating a small, healthy meal at home before going to a holiday party.

“Even drinking a glass of water before you eat can help,” she said. “And just remember small portions. You can always go back for more.”



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