Professional Services: A Primer for Personal and Professional Growth (Opinion)

by Ken and Patti Leith  on Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 8:50 am  

Target team collaboration. Not everyone has to agree, but they should be allowed to voice their opinions. This is heavily contingent on regular communication and the ability of the team to engage in sometimes rigorous dialogue.

Hire what you really need, not who you know. Bring in the skill sets that complement the ones you already have on your team. Identify the people who can bring the newer focuses you need.

In this primer, there are a few “must-do” leadership habits to form. Make it a habit to think and analyze regularly, and adjust direction frequently.

Ken and Patti Leith are managing partners of EDGES, Inc., a strategic planning and process efficiency firm based in Bentonville. They also own and operate e-Gauge, Inc. a software services company specializing in talent management and strategic plan execution. You may contact EDGES at 479.203.7198 or



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