Lowell: Upgrades Streamline City Systems, Cut Costs (Technology Advancements | Winner 5,000-20,000)

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Dec. 10, 2012 12:00 am  

“Taking all of the recent updates into consideration, the city’s technology system is comparable to many of the larger cities in our area,” said city hall receptionist Karen Davis.

It’s difficult to say how much the city has saved as a result of the technology enhancements. The police department saves money with reduced fuel costs and man hours because it doesn’t have to transport inmates back and forth to the jail as a result of the video conference network.

The computer upgrades resulted in greater productivity for the city’s employees, too. Employees can now access files quickly instead of “having to drill down through four or five different programs, searching through file servers that have 25 subfolders inside your folder,” Seyfried said.

Also in the fire department, using the antiquated computer network would take someone three or four hours to run some reports. “Now that same report takes six minutes,” Seyfried said.

The upgrade has “achieved its objective by drastically reducing user data entry and processing times,” Davis said.

The residents of Lowell also benefit from the technology improvements by receiving accurate information from the city quickly.

The next technology advancement is to have more mobile systems. Seyfried said he’s working on getting the building inspector mobile devices so reports could be filed at the building site.

That project should be in place by the end of the year.



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