Records Show Dustin McDaniel Called Andrea Davis Twice from Office

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press  on Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012 8:56 am  

Dustin McDaniel's office detailed communications between the attorney general and Hot Springs attorney Andrea L. Davis a day after denying requests by The Associated Press and other media organizations.

"I am cc'ing General McDaniel on this only because the General has precedential familiarity with my moral fiber, which I believe he has ascertained from instances I have spent in his vicinity during various public political functions," she wrote.

She also referred to McDaniel in another email to Readnour about the same case on March 7, asking for a continuance. McDaniel was listed as a recipient of the email, but Sadler said he did not reply or discuss it with Readnour.

"This is a very bad day for me and I am asking for some humanity and understanding even though I am not going to judge you or be upset with your office, much less General McDaniel, should you say no," she wrote.

Sadler said McDaniel never received the July letter and did not respond.

McDaniel's campaign has refused to offer details on the nature or extent of his relationship with Davis, and he's repeatedly denied interview requests. He has said he has no plans to drop his bid for governor.

The records also included an Aug. 12 email sent to the AG office's public email address asking for help in the investigation into the death of Maxwell Anderson. Anderson was found shot dead outside Davis' home in February.

An initial report by the Garland County Sheriff's Office lists Davis' brother, Matthew Davis, as a "suspect" who was present at the scene. State police, who have taken over the investigation, wouldn't discuss whether they have any suspects.

Sadler said an official with the AG's office sent a standard response that said it doesn't handle local criminal investigations. Sadler has said McDaniel has not talked with Davis about the death investigation.

"No follow-up communications or inquires have been made to the AG's office related to this case," Sadler said Friday. "In addition, no official requests for assistance have been made by any law enforcement agency to the AG's office with regard to the Maxwell Anderson case."

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