New One Bank CEO Jerry Pavlas Rebuilds Brand, Braces for 'More Bad News'

by George Waldon  on Monday, Jan. 14, 2013 12:00 am  

Jerry Pavlas, president and CEO of One Bank & Trust, is part of the evolving board of directors at the $454 million-asset lender. (Photo by Michael Pirnique)

“It was obvious we had to get a new leader to work effectively and attack the assignments given to us by the OCC.”

Pavlas was recommended as a candidate for CEO by One Bank’s regulatory lawyers in Washington, D.C.

The interview and vetting process went well, and the veteran banker was hired through a streamlined confirmation process on Oct. 25 after the OCC had no objection to his nomination.

Before accepting the offer, Pavlas visited with the bank staff at the downtown Little Rock headquarters and its branch network.

“I had to make sure that the foundation was here, the people,” he said. “I saw the pride and the self-sufficiency here. I made up my mind to do this.”

The board of directors didn’t want Pavlas to accept the job unless he could commit to the job beyond an interim basis.

“I like to fix things and build,” Pavlas said. “I’m here for the long term. The biggest thing I’m telling employees is they’re taking their bank back.

“I’m not a micromanager. When I got here, everything was coming to me, and that tells me how it was before I got here.

“The bank’s going to have to do what’s right for the bank. I know what it takes to get the bank to where it needs to be, to get it growing again.”

One Bank & Trust, Little Rock
Total Assets: $454.4 million
Capital: $26.7 million
Net Income: -$117,000      Staff: 86
Full-Service Locations: Nine in Little Rock and one in North Little Rock.
As of Sept. 30, 2012

Total AssetsNet IncomeCapitalStaff
2011 $438,143 $986 $37,570 94
2010 $442,072 -$4,938 $37,407 103
2009 $412,681 $745 $42,619 105
2008 $424,989 $1,923 $31,875 101
2007 $366,685 $2,715 $29,651 108
2006 $344,106 $2,425 $28,213 110
2005 $340,413 $1,829 $25,947 101
2004 $300,866 $1,441 $24,766 92
2003 $261,236 $1,944 $20,483 95
2002 $229,370 $1,387 $20,130 79
2001 $185,525 $554 $18,973 76

Source: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. All dollars in thousands except as noted.



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