Update: AT&T U-Verse Blames Server for 'Limited' Outage

by Jan Cottingham  on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 9:50 am  

A technician installs AT&T's U-Verse service at a home.

The website LightReading.com, which reports on the telecom industry, said that AT&T was maintaining silence "over what appears to be a major U-verse outage that began during the morning of Jan. 21 and which appears to have affected a substantial number of customers across the southern states of the U.S."

Numerous customers posted their complaints about the service disruption and the lack of information on AT&T's Facebook page, with one saying, "What gives? What happened? When can you estimate services will be back up? What kind of rebate should we expect? A free movie is not going to cut it this time."

Ted Clouser, executive vice president of PC Assistance Inc. in Little Rock, said some of his clients had been experiencing outages.

"There's not a specific area that seems to be affected," he said. "So it probably has to be a piece of hardware failure somewhere."

Clouser said his personal U-verse network went down on Tuesday, but was only inoperative for about 40 minutes. When he reset his modem, he said, the console was trying to connect to a server.

"I truly wasn't connected," he said. "To me, I've got to believe that it was a physical issue somewhere."



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