AT&T: U-verse Outage Affects 74,000 Customers

by Jan Cottingham  on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 2:21 pm  

A technician installs AT&T's U-Verse service at a home.

"I truly wasn't connected," he said. "To me, I've got to believe that it was a physical issue somewhere."

One Little Rock customer who experienced the outage noted in an email to Arkansas Business that her next door neighbor's U-verse was working properly and expressed frustration at the lack of information from AT&T.

"I know things go out, but not having any information nor having a customer service center to call is very frustrating.

"When you call their service line, they suggest you go to their website. How? I pay $350 a month for cell, tv (no premium channels), landline, and wireless."

Some customers on AT&T's U-verse Facebook page said they had persuaded AT&T to offer them credit of $5 or $10 for each day of the outage.

On its Twitter feed, AT&T responded to customer complaints by saying its technicians were working around the clock and suggesting the customers reboot their systems. Many of these customers, however, have reported that the restart fix suggested by U-verse support was not working.

Luke Jones contributed to this report.



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