Boston Mountain Biotech: Former 'Science Project' Now a Potentially Life-Saving Venture

by Mark Carter  on Monday, Feb. 4, 2013 12:00 am  

  • Compress development timelines by up to one-third,
  • Reduce manufacturing time and costs by up to half,
  • Increase final product yields by at least 30 percent and
  • Implement Lotus with their existing equipment.

Brune said BMB is further differentiating its research by focusing on “data-driven analysis of nuisance proteins” leading to “reduction of nuisance contaminants while accelerating growth.”

Reeves believes BMB’s research has the potential to “save thousands of lives” if it continues to progress. It will make orphan drugs cost effective, she said. Orphan drugs refer to those drugs developed specifically to treat an uncommon medical condition.

“It will also lower the cost to manufacture other pharmaceuticals, which is important as we struggle to improve health outcomes without increasing the price of drugs,” she said.

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