J. Timothy Cloyd to Step Down as Hendrix College President

by Mark Carter  on Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 10:43 am  

Timothy Cloyd, president of Hendrix College in Conway.

During that time, we have brought our motto Unto the Whole Person to life through the Odyssey program.  We are now positioned to build on that momentum to reach new horizons.

Here is one thing I have learned:  Organizations are living, evolving organisms.  That is why through prayer and deep reflection with my family, I have decided that it is time for new leadership.  Thus, I have informed the Board that I will not seek an additional term, but will step down from active service to a Presidential Sabbatical.  During this time I will write, consult, and explore other opportunities to put my gifts, talents, and experience to work. 

In January 2014, I intend to return to the Hendrix faculty in my role as a tenured full professor and work as a consultant in fundraising and higher education. (A release about this news is being issued to the media today and I have attached it here for your information.)

The Hendrix community has inspired me, encouraged me, criticized me in constructive ways, called me to account as a leader, and supported me.  All of this has been necessary to achieve the greatness Hendrix has enjoyed.  I am fully confident that the next president, with the support of this community, will take Hendrix to even greater heights.

God bless you all. 

J. Timothy Cloyd




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