Finding the Best Places to Work (Chip Taulbee Associate Publisher's Note)

by Chip Taulbee  on Monday, Feb. 18, 2013 12:00 am  

Chip Taulbee

• A full transcription of employee answers to open-ended questions,

• A benchmark report of its employee responses compared with other participating companies,

• A benchmark report comparing company practices and policies to other Arkansas organizations.

And what’s all that mean for U.S. Pizza? Only an in-depth look at how the restaurant is leveraging its most valuable asset — its workers — and how to improve.

Savvy businesses have myriad metrics to define performance. But what tools do we have to measure our most important — and generally costliest — resource? And how often do we employ those tools?

Arkansas Business’ Best Places to Work program gives your organization the perfect opportunity to gather valuable data and insight about your employees and improve your workforce. Yes, there’s a cost to participate, which goes directly to the firm conducting the research, not to Arkansas Business. However, it’s nominal — about $1,000, depending on number of employees — and pales in comparisons to what most research firms would charge.

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Chip Taulbee is associate publisher of Arkansas Business.



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