Michelle Duggar: Living Her Message

by Todd Traub  on Monday, Feb. 25, 2013 12:00 am  

Michelle Duggar

Predictably, Michelle Duggar couldn’t get through a phone interview without being interrupted.

When one has 19 children, interruptions tend to happen, but in this case it was good news — Duggar’s 14-year-old son had just passed his driver’s test.

“I am so excited for you. Another driver in the family,” Duggar said, breaking away for a moment to congratulate her son.

But it was exciting news for Duggar as well. She now had another person who could make “a run to the grocery store to buy milk,” she said.

With her platoon-sized cluster of kids, television program, book projects and family ministry to juggle, Duggar welcomes any additional help around the house, even as she celebrates her children’s successes and milestones for their own sake.

“These older ones now, they have so many adventures going on,” Duggar, 46, said.

But anyone with a TV and a little time on his hands would know that.

The adventures of Duggar, her husband, Jim Bob, and their children ranging in age from 3 to 25 can be seen on TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting.” The program, with a new season premiering March 12, is an offshoot of a series of TLC/Discovery documentaries based on the Duggars that began when the kids’ head count was 14.

Regular viewers have become familiar with the family’s group approach to life, as disciplined children take on their share of chores and responsibilities that include helping to care for the younger siblings.

“It is the best, it is so amazing — children,” said Duggar, who also finds time these days for two grandchildren. “And grandchildren are doubly amazing.”

The television exposure, which followed her husband’s state-level political career and has prompted national curiosity about her large family, has given Duggar a platform for her faith-based, pro-life and pro-family advocacy.

“It is a part of who we are,” Duggar said.



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