Jane Wayland: Training the Future

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Feb. 25, 2013 12:00 am  

Jane Wayland (Photo by Jason Burt)

“We’re fortunate that we have very good donors,” she said. “But we’re still looking for money. All deans all over the country, a lot of their jobs changed from scholarship to development. That’s a huge change that’s taken place for years. I don’t know of any dean that doesn’t do development.”

She said her position as the first female business dean at UALR is revolutionary. “I think that women make good leaders,” she said. “I think they need to seek that opportunity and do the things that make it work. I had an opportunity here, and I’m very grateful for that opportunity. I really enjoy my work here at the college.”

Twenty years ago, she said, attaining her position wouldn’t have been likely, but even now women still have to work hard to gain leadership ground.

“I still contend that women don’t have that opportunity if they don’t get educated,” she said. “They have to pursue it and look for it. It’s not going to fall in their lap.”

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