U.S. Marshals Museum in Fort Smith Fights for Funding

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Mar. 4, 2013 12:00 am  

“He’s done his job,” Rowland said. “It’s those moments that stick in people’s minds.”

Viewers will see the points of the star rising from the river bank, Rowland said, with the most prominent point facing west toward Oklahoma.

“There’s this sloped glass wall where your view is framed, and it’s the exact view that the marshals had when they crossed the Arkansas River into Oklahoma,” he said.

The museum will have three permanent galleries designed by Christopher Chadbourne & Associates of Boston.

The first, called The Changing Nation, will examine the public’s view of the marshals in different periods of history.

“Like fugitive slave laws, when marshals were responsible for returning runaway slaves to the South,” Hayes said. “In the South they were loved, but in the North they were hated.”

The marshals were also heavily involved in school integration in the 1960s.

Another gallery will focus on the marshals’ frontier activities, in the fabled Old West but also in places like Alaska, Antarctica and even outer space.

The third gallery focuses on the modern Marshals Service.

“That’s where we talk about what the Marshals Service actually does today,” Hayes said. “Judicial security, the witness protection program. We’ll talk about the Asset Forfeiture Program and all of the different components that make up the Marshals Service.”

Also, a “hall of honor” will memorialize marshals killed in action.

Architect Reese Rowland said the hall features a pool of water under a star-shaped skylight.



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