Lawmakers Can Address Consumer Ills (Craig Douglass On Consumers)

by Craig Douglass  on Monday, Mar. 4, 2013 12:00 am  

Craig Douglass

What is needed now is a focus on what will grow the Arkansas economy and create jobs. And initiatives that will impact cities and counties and regional communities so Arkansans can realize the benefits of well-placed investments on such things as statewide infrastructure — infrastructure designed to better connect one market to another.

In a state like Arkansas, improved infrastructure helps break down economic isolation in more rural areas of the state due to the lack of convenient access to a major roadway, four-lane highway or an interstate corridor. A greater interchange of commerce across the state eases consumers’ ability to locate, compare and shop for goods and services outside their immediate trade area. And that works both ways, as the reduced cost of transportation because of greater efficiency leaves more money in the pockets of consumers, which can then be used at local businesses. And when local businesses are supported through greater consumer spending, general state tax collections increase, thus allowing the state to fund programs helping us all.

We cannot rely on the federal government for those investments that we in Arkansas can make for ourselves. I’m not using the word “investments” as a code for tax increases, but rather investments through the proper allocation of capital that puts money back into the hands of consumers and into the coffers of state government for the common good, without raising taxes.

The Legislature will be in session for a little while longer. Let’s not miss this opportunity to aid the consumer.

Craig Douglass is a Little Rock advertising agency owner and marketing and research consultant. He is president of Craig Douglass Communications Inc.



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