Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce Boasts of an Area Full of Possibilities

by J. French Hill and Jay Chesshir  on Monday, Mar. 18, 2013 12:00 am  

The Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce is the primary, business-driven leadership organization responsible for economic growth and development of the Little Rock region to ensure business is profitable, and every citizen has the opportunity to share in the abundance of our economy.

We invite you to see how we live, the enthusiasm we have for quality business relationships and the unique culture of how we relax and have fun. Our mission is to reveal a community and region rich with possibilities while respecting our history that makes us distinct.

It is no secret chambers around the world hail their communities as the best, the most this, or the premier that. We won’t tell you we are the most or least, but we will tell you confidently there are many wonderful aspects of life and business here you will find no where else.

We invite you to discover this unique place called Little Rock.

J. French Hill
Chairman, Board of Directors

Jay Chesshir
President & CEO



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