Blytheville Theater Receives Upgrade

by Mark Friedman  on Monday, Mar. 18, 2013 12:00 am  

Blytheville Cinema 3 recently spent about $200,000 to upgrade its movie projectors from film to digital.

The picture “is a lot brighter and cleaner [and] the sound is more dynamic,” said Christopher Hester, the theater’s general manager.

With the improvements, the theater now can show the latest Hollywood blockbusters that are in 3-D, he said.

Hester said there still were a few theaters in the state that had film projectors, but not many.

William Pollack of Memphis bought the theater from Malco Theaters Inc. of Memphis in 2010, Hester said.

“When we bought this place, … we said we were going to do upgrades and make the viewing experience better for the community,” he said. “So it’s been in the making for a little while.”

Also under consideration is renovating the theaters from sloped seating to platform seating, Hester said. One of the auditoriums has 250 seats and the other two theaters can hold 200 people. Hester said a timetable wasn’t available for when that project might start.



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