Swift Travel Deals Agency Seeks to Help Travelers on a Budget

by Liz Fox  on Monday, Mar. 18, 2013 12:00 am  

Ileaa Swift

A new home-based travel agency has opened in the Little Rock area.

Ileaa Swift, a 27-year-old Prescott native, started booking travel for her family and close friends in 2006. But after the recession hit, she found many of them could not afford to take vacations or make travel plans that coincided with their budgets. Swift later began thinking about starting her own business, which she began to make a reality when exploring options with Expedia Cruiseship Centers.

“I proposed an idea to them to include payment plan options in my contract that would allow my clients to have an option to use a payment plan for travel if they were not able to pay in full or if they had a specific budget to stick to,” Swift said. “After my suggestion was declined by Expedia Cruiseship Centers, I decided to consider other options.”

Swift Travel Deals, which opened in February 2012, is based in Little Rock and operates out of the homes of Swift and her two associates, Kay Junior and Rory Elizabeth Hill.

Swift made a conscious decision to avoid renting retail or office space to keep overhead costs low, which also results in lower costs for clients. Since the business opened, Swift has spent between $12,000 and $20,000, and she is currently focusing on budgeting for professional development and additional training.

“I plan to visit London in May where I hope to launch Swift Travel Deals International and possibly hire home-based travel associates in Europe to help me obtain my goal of being a global company,” she said. “As my business continues to grow, I hope to expand my travel team with travel associates who love travel and are as passionate about helping others as I am.”

In contrast to larger travel outlets like Orbitz or Expedia, Swift Travel Deals offers solutions for customers who don’t have the money for upfront expenses. Its payment plan system, which is based on the needs of customers, may be customized to fit specific budgets and allow clients to book in advance and pay in installments.

Since the business is based at home, there are no set hours, and many customers make use of this advantage when traveling for funerals or to see sick relatives.

“For me, it’s not about making a sale or competing with other travel agencies; it’s about the connection and bond that I form with my clients and the happiness that we are able to bring to others according to their own personal reasons for traveling,” she said.

More information about Swift Travel Deals can be found at SwiftTravelDeals.com or by calling (501) 615-4151.



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