Trucking Gets Serious About Social Media

by Chris Bahn  on Monday, Mar. 25, 2013 12:00 am  

Dan Kee, assistant vice president of driver resources for P.A.M., points to a statistic he picked up at a recent seminar in Nashville, Tenn. Kee said participants were told that about “650,000 people on Twitter identify as truck drivers or truckers.”

“That’s a pretty big audience right there,” Kee said.

P.A.M. isn’t alone in working to establish an online community for its employees. Noticing peers use these tools successfully and seeing the success a third-party recruiting firm has had with social media convinced P.A.M. leadership a social media position was a must.

Maverick Transportation, which is headquartered in North Little Rock, has 2,430 “likes” on its Facebook page. Content featured is a mix of driver-submitted photos from the road, company videos, kudos to the company’s top drivers and even a happy birthday post for CEO Steve Williams.

Distributing information is only part of what an online presence means. Perhaps most importantly, it provides an avenue to listen to employees.

These are great tools for conversation, something that is needed with so many employees working outside of P.A.M.’s corporate headquarters.

“Social media sometimes gets thought of as only the way to blast a message. That’s half of it,” HR manager Tyler Majors said. “One of the biggest things for us in driver recruitment and retention is listening. What this does, it gives people an opportunity to post their concerns, pros, cons, and it allows us as an organization to listen and respond. It’s a two-way street.”

(In case you are wondering, no salary range has been set for P.A.M.’s social media specialist. The company promises it will be “competitive.”)



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