Inuvo Has Backstory with Acxiom, Branching Out to Mobile Devices

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Apr. 15, 2013 12:00 am  

Inuvo Inc. has gone through several changes in name and services since it started in the early 2000s, but its current iteration began in 2009 when former Acxiom CEO Charles Morgan became involved as an investor.

Richard Howe left his job as CFO of Acxiom in 2008 and moved to a leadership position at Inuvo. (He is not related to Acxiom’s current CEO, Scott Howe.)

Howe, who is now CEO, said the company’s services are twofold.

“We develop consumer applications that make using the Internet for the consumer easier,” he said.

These include things like shopping apps, radio players, package tracking services and Web development toolbars.

“The other side is we run a network of websites into which we serve ads,” Howe said, noting that the company makes money when consumers click on the ads that Inuvo serves.

He said the consumer apps side is now branching out into mobile devices.

“Historically we’ve been Web-centric,” he said. “Now the paradigm is to take the business model onto the mobile device or tablet. Today we have desktop apps, but we’re moving to mobile apps.”



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