2013 Arkansas Legislative Session Wasn't for the Base (AP Analysis)

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press  on Sunday, Apr. 28, 2013 6:03 pm  

"I support any tax cuts, but I think the decimal point should be more to the right," Hester said.

Republicans, however, point to the size of the tax cuts in later years as a sign that they'll be able to cap spending in the future. Beebe, meanwhile, can claim a win with the passage of his plan to eventually cut the grocery tax once the state's bond obligations or desegregation payments drop by $35 million over a six-month period.

Legislative leaders said they were taking complaints from the left and right as a sign of success for the session.

"It's probably like your business, when people you're writing about on both sides complain, you guys consider yourselves pretty close to on target," Senate President Pro Tem Michael Lamoureux told reporters last week. "When we're being attacked from the political right and the political left, I think we're probably down the Arkansas middle of the road."

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