Collective Bias Uses Social Media to Turn Consumers into Marketers

by Chris Bahn  on Monday, May. 13, 2013 12:00 am  

Implementing an Idea
Collective Bias of Bentonville launched nearly four years ago as a “back of the napkin idea” of co-founders Amy Callahan and John Andrews. Since then the social shopper media company has grown to 67 employees in three countries with a network of 1,400 bloggers. Following are key moments in the company’s history so far.

June 2009: Collective Bias is launched with investment capital from MARS Advertising.

February 2010: Begins aggregating content to help strengthen search engine traffic for brands.

May 2011: Grows its community of bloggers, Social Fabric, to 1,110 members, while doubling its full-time staff.

October 2011: Opens an office in Canada.

November 2011: Develops its own publishing platform for bloggers to promote brands.

May 2012: Achieves the first $1 million sales month in company history.

November 2012: Opens satellite offices in New York, Minnesota and San Francisco.

February 2013: Callahan named by Forbes as one of the top 11 women starting companies. Collective Bias ranks No. 100 on Forbes’ list of most promising companies.

March 2013: Opens an office in London.

April 2013: Secures $10.5 million in Series A Round investment funding.



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