Windstream Works to Upgrade As FCC Finds Broadband Lacking

by Luke Jones  on Monday, May. 13, 2013 12:00 am  

Most of the Internet customers Windstream is losing are in areas where the telecom is competing with other ISPs.

“In the past, that’s where they’ve focused most of their upgrades,” McCarver said.

“I would think that even if they don’t get the FCC to help with that, they will start spending more capex,” said Donna Jaegers, an analyst covering Windstream for D.A. Davidson of Great Falls, Mont.

In any case, McCarver said, the company’s rural offerings are about as good as anyone in those areas could expect.

“What they provide is just about as good as you can get,” he said. “You would suspect over time that wireless would be a better offering in a lot of those areas, but not today. If they can get you 4 to 6 megs of Internet speed, that’s pretty good.”



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