Fleming Remains Atop IT Consulting List

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, May. 13, 2013 12:00 am  

“We had some people leave to go pursue other things in other states, things like that,” he said, adding that the offices in northwest Arkansas might be hiring more workers in the near future.

“We’re right in the middle of a big growth spurt without slowdown,” he said.

The company’s biggest growth markets, he said, include industrial plants, especially those tied to food services, and K-12 schools.


Another company that’s evolved its services into IT is Datamax/Micro of Little Rock. Barry Simon started the company as a managed printing service and added IT later. Currently, the service makes up less than half of his business, but he said it’s growing: IT sales doubled last year, he said, and a lot of that has to do with cloud computing.

“I think the biggest trend is more people are looking for people like us to manage their networks,” Simon said. “They’re finding that it’s a lot easier to have somebody do that.”

Lots of people are asking about “the cloud,” he said, and it’s created a growing market. They’re also worried about losing information during a disaster, and that’s another service Datamax provides.

“People are concerned about disaster recovery and how they can keep themselves running if something happens,” Simon said.

One challenge, he noted, is distinguishing Datamax from other cloud computing services.

“We’ve been working through that, what we consider ‘differentiation,’” he said. “The biggest thing is we’re not just in IT. We put on an umbrella approach: We’ll do anything that the customer wants to do in tech, whether it’s printing, faxing … showing them how to better utilize their iPad or network, anything.”

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