Jefferson Regional Medical Center Provides Job Backbone for Pine Bluff

by Luke Jones  on Monday, May. 20, 2013 12:00 am  

JRMC opened its doors in Pine Bluff in 1908 as Davis Hospital. Its revenue last year was $183 million.

The Safety Net

As the hospital grows with technology, it will also have to grow with new health care legislation. However, Johnson said, it’s too early to predict the effects of the state Legislature’s so-called “private option” expansion of Medicaid.

“We do know that more people will be insured, and that could have a positive effect on us, but we don’t know how the entire situation will play out,” he said.

As for the broader effects of the federal Affordable Care Act, Johnson said they could go either way.

“Some models say the outcome will be better; others say it will be worse,” he said. “Hospitals of JRMC’s size and location are referred to as ‘safety net’ hospitals, and we know that some of the safety net reimbursements will be going away, but we don’t know the final composition of the changes.”

Until JRMC is sure what will happen with Medicaid and the private insurance option, Johnson said, projections will be inconclusive.



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