Update: Convenience Store Kum & Go Plans New WLR Location, Sparks Zoning Battle

by George Waldon  on Monday, May. 27, 2013 12:00 am  

With the death of their mother three years ago, the Arnold siblings believe the property’s time as a home is over. The children acquiesced to her desire to keep the property where she raised her family as is for as long as she lived.

The property is still zoned for single-family residential use, and rezoning by city officials is required before the Kum & Go project can move forward.

Much of the proposed project would occupy neighboring land to the west of the Arnold house. This property at 10121 N. Rodney Parham Road, already zoned for commercial development, is home to the 9,460-SF Gallery Office Building.

Arnold doesn’t understand why the Kum & Go proposal, a commercial redevelopment on a commercial thoroughfare, has caused such an uproar. But he believes that helping fan the flames are business owners whose primary concern is the competition that Kum & Go would inject.

“It is a concern,” said Wiley Greenbaum, president of the Colony West Homes Association, whose family owns Economy Liquor at 9612 N. Rodney Parham Road.

“There are enough convenience stores in the area.

“As far as our business, we’re far enough down the street that it won’t have that much of an impact.”

Greenbaum said what really set off business concerns was a comment by a Kum & Go representative who met with residents to talk about the proposal earlier this year.

When asked about the company’s effect on existing businesses, the representative said, “We put businesses out of business,” according to Greenbaum.

Kum & Go explored developing a project at the southwest corner of Interstate 630 and Fair Park Boulevard. But that idea was abandoned after opposition from the Fair Park Neighborhood Association helped produce a 5-5 vote of the Planning Commission.

The C-store chain contemplated an appeal but decided to abandon the proposal instead.

Will this week’s rezoning request by Kum & Go gain approval?

“I hope it does, but we’ll see,” said David Arnold.



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