Request for Jason Aldean Concert Passes Spurs Dispute Between Former Co-workers

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, May. 27, 2013 12:00 am  

It’s turned into a she-said, she-said dispute over what happened at the recent Jason Aldean concert involving the publisher of Drive Arkansas, Heather Baker, who allegedly attempted to meet the country crooner.

Jana DeGeorge, a spokeswoman for Verizon Arena, complained that Baker had attempted to “get into the meet and greet with her AR Times badge,” recording the complaint in an email to Arkansas Times Publisher Alan Leveritt, which was eventually obtained by Whispers.

The problem was Baker hasn’t worked for the Arkansas Times organization since December, when she left to start Drive, a competitor to the Times’ AutoBuyer, which apparently needed Baker to survive. The auto magazine folded after she left.

Baker denied that she invoked the name of the Arkansas Times to get special treatment at the Aldean concert.

“I never said I was with the Arkansas Times,” she told us.

She said her friends who went to the concert with her had “meet and greet” tickets.

“I have a media company, and I didn’t tell them that I was with Arkansas Times,” Baker said.

“I don’t have an Arkansas Times badge. I don’t know what that is.”



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