Little Rock Pie-Cycle Brings Baked Goods to the Street

by Liz Fox  on Monday, May. 27, 2013 12:00 am  

The Little Rock Pie-Cycle aims to deliver homemade goods with a community emphasis. (Photo by Hannah Moore)

Freshly baked pies are sweeping across the Little Rock metropolitan area in a brand new way.

The Little Rock Pie-Cycle, a service started in early April, offers homemade baked goods using methods that emphasize personality and community.

Owner and founder Hannah Moore conceived Little Rock Pie-Cycle after unofficially catering a Pi Day event on March 14 (3-14 — get it?) for students of her father-in-law, who teaches math at West Side High School in Greers Ferry.

She says that while up to 150 pies were made, she hardly broke a sweat. “I thought, ‘I love making pie so much, I wish I could do this all the time,’” Moore said. “And that’s how I ended up doing the Pie-Cycle.”

Though in its infancy, the Pie-Cycle — which really is a bicycle — has seen big business in many of the city’s historic neighborhoods, including downtown, Hillcrest and Stifft Station. Moore believes this mobile approach — also used by local food trucks and vendors — offers a sense of community involvement through face-to-face transactions and friendly faces.

“I think the growing mobile canteen [and] food truck industry contributes a lot to making Little Rock a better community,” Moore said. “Because food trucks are usually run by one person, they get to interact directly with the person who makes and understands their food, and how often do we get to do that?”

This approach to business has an added benefit: It helps spare Moore’s finances. Initial operating expenses added up to the relatively humble sum of $300, which included her main set-up: a quaint, red cruiser with a painted cooler attached to the rear.

The Little Rock Pie-Cycle can be found in different parts of the metro area. Prices vary according to flavor and ingredients.

For more information on the Little Rock Pie-Cycle, see Moore’s Facebook page at or call (805) 613-7437.



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