Cuts in Lottery Scholarships Challenge Arkansas Colleges

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Jun. 3, 2013 12:00 am  

No Supplements

In cases where universities aren’t offering supplemental awards, some are trying to get the word out about other options.

Arkansas State University in Jonesboro touted its Arkansas Promise Scholarship, which is provided by the school to incoming freshmen.

“We started when the lottery started and at the time we had been paying $2,000 a year,” said Rick Stripling, vice chancellor for student affairs. “And at the time, that really filled a gap as far as tuition goes.”

Since that time, he said, the Promise award has stayed the same while the Challenge award dropped.

By fall 2014, however, ASU will need to figure out if changes need to be made.

“We may take a look and see what the value is doing sometime in the next recruitment cycle,” he said. “When we get closer to the fall, we’ll begin looking at what we think has worked and what’s not worked.”

ASU Jonesboro in May raised tuition 3.3 percent.

Tuition and fees for an undergraduate living on campus is about $239 per credit hour.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is working to get the word out about other scholarships available that could supplement the lottery’s. UALR charges $191 per credit hour for in-state resident undergraduates, its website says.

“We’re doing our very best to work with students to identify private scholarships or other financial aid that might be able to help them so they can pay all of the bills they’re going to be encountering as a result of the increased need,” said Dean Kahler, vice chancellor for enrollment development at UALR.

He said UALR is trying to address scholarship issues earlier in the recruiting process.



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