Cuts in Lottery Scholarships Challenge Arkansas Colleges

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Jun. 3, 2013 12:00 am  

“One of the things that’s really helpful to students and families is if you know what the cost of going to college or university is up front and start planning for it,” he said.

But UALR isn’t offering anything extra to fill that gap.

“UALR already has some really, really strong scholarship programs,” Kahler said. “We’re known really well across the state for having some strong scholarship programs, and we feel those are very competitive in the state. We didn’t feel like having to add additional scholarship money was the right way to go, since we’ve already got what we think are exceptional scholarships.”

Arkansas Challenge Scholarship Amounts 2010-2013

Year Awarded4-year School2-year School
2010-11 $5,000 $2,500
2011-12 $4,500 $2,225
2012-13 $4,500 $2,225
2013-14 $2,000 (first-year students) $2,000
2013-14 $3,000 (second year) $2,000
2013-14 $4,000 (third year) $2,000
2013-14 $5,000 (fourth year) $2,000

Source: Arkansas Department of Higher Education           



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