E-Commerce Startup Shoplinkz.com Launches in Little Rock

by Innovate Arkansas Staff  on Friday, Jun. 7, 2013 9:27 am  

Shoplinkz.com, a new e-commerce startup, has been launched in Little Rock.

Shoplinkz.com is a free website where users add a special bookmark to their web browser and click it whenever they see a product they like on the Internet. It's like Pinterest but solely focused on shopping. Shoplinkz also takes things a step further -- once a user saves a product, they check other websites to see if they can find a lower price and better deal somewhere else.

Shoplinkz generates revenue by collecting commissions from the online retailers to whom they send business. Shoplinkz has been selected to become a client firm of Innovate Arkansas.

Innovate Arkansas is a program funded by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and administered by Winrock International. Innovate Arkansas identifies new technology products and services, helps entrepreneurs and inventors with business startup and financial support needs, and mentors them as they become commercial enterprises. Innovate Arkansas recruits throughout Arkansas, making these crucial services available for new technology entrepreneurs wherever they are located.

"We're extremely thrilled to be working with Innovate Arkansas, even more so the hugely talented staff over there," said Will Binns, co-founder of Shoplinkz. "Our goal of being the world's homepage for shopping online creates great synergy with their ability to help Arkansas businesses accelerate to the forefront of a regional, national, or in our case, global stage." 

Binns said the idea for Shoplinkz came by trying to determine how people organize their online shopping.

"People on Earth spent over half a trillion dollars last year shopping online," he said. "We asked ourselves, how do they effectively organize everything and still manage to take advantage of one of the web's greatest benefits, finding the lowest price on stuff? The answer was that they don't -- people have bookmarks in one place. Unfinished shopping carts for every holiday in another. A wedding registry or three, here. A baby registry or two, there. E-commerce is growing worldwide year over year, but shopping online is extremely unorganized and disconnected, so we built Shoplinkz. It's a win-win."



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