Ad Tips from Don Cassil Help Nonprofits Gain Broadcast Time

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Jun. 10, 2013 12:00 am  

“Get Your Non-Profit on TV For Free" by Don Cassil

“The sponsor is the face of the production,” Cassil said.

Usually, Cassil said, there’s someone on the committee who knows a business owner who wants his or her company’s name attached to a nonprofit’s project. It makes the company look better and it only needs to be heard during the last four or five seconds of the commercial, Cassil said.

Then the commercial just needs to be brought to the studio airing it.

“You have to go to the media with a commercial in hand — a 30-second commercial — and in my experience, I haven’t been turned down yet,” Cassil said.

Cassil’s interest in nonprofits started when he found out about a veteran’s memorial project in Garland County that had been struggling for seven years to find funding. One day, a member of the memorial committee visited the Hot Springs Rotary Club to raise interest in building the monument.

“I said I could get him on TV. He said he would love to but he couldn’t afford it,” Cassil said. “I said, ‘What if it doesn’t cost anything?’”

Cassil featured the project in a commercial, and one year later, it was built. Since then, Cassil has performed similar services for about a dozen other groups.

Cassil is now semi-retired. Earlier this year, he wrote a book about his techniques, “Get Your Non-Profit on TV For Free,” and released it online in e-book format.



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