Movista: Bentonville A City On Fire

by Mark Carter  on Monday, Jun. 17, 2013 1:53 pm  

Movista co-founders Stan Zylowski and April Seggebruch happily put down roots in Bentonville. (Photo by Beth Hall)

What's the growth potential for tech-based startups in Bentonville?

April: The startups here are all capable of being national or international firms. In the Internet age, there is no fence that limits growth to the retail sector or any specific region. When you are a tech firm you better be ready to serve Canada, Uganda and Tupelo. The more mobile we all become, the smaller the world is, and mobility is not slowing down.

Obviously, the influence of Wal-Mart and the addition of Crystal Bridges are huge. How has the city itself encouraged startup growth?

Stan: Most people don’t realize that the growth and infrastructure development in Bentonville started about eight years ago. The mayor [Bob McCaslin] and city council deserve a great deal of credit. Roads, parks, events, low-crime and great schools make practically everyone happy, but come through a lot of hard work. Energetic and enigmatic people are attracted to vibrant places, so the growth is self-supportive. Visit the Bentonville square on a Friday night and stop in Tusk and Trotter for a cold beverage – you will instantly understand why people are coming here in droves.

Finally, give us the latest on Movista.

April: Movista [also a client firm of the Arkansas Science & Technology Authority] is growing at a compounded rate of about 15 percent per month. Our smartphone driven work tools are changing the way people execute in the field and improving productivity. We have several deals pending and expect to be working verticals outside of retail early next year. We have found interest in restaurants, retailers, service firms and auditing teams. It has only taken us three years to experience a little overnight success.



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