Gary Parrish & Karen Fetzer: The Incredibles - Connected, Compassionate Class XXVIII

by Gary Parrish and Karen Fetzer  on Monday, Jun. 24, 2013 12:00 am  

Class XXVIII Chairman Gary Parrish and Class XXVIII Curriculum Chairman Karen Fetzer

Leadership Greater Little Rock (LGLR) is a program where leaders come to learn. Certainly, many of the members of Class XXVIII were leaders in their own right as they entered the program last September. What the program gave them — and the 1,400-plus previous graduates — are valuable tools and connections to use their leadership skills to the great benefit of our community. Leadership Greater Little Rock allows us to explore and find our passion for service as it teaches us about our history, education system, government, economic climate, military, our criminal justice system and ourselves in a very unique way. It seems the strength of this program is evidenced by the number of applicants each year and the commitment of our community leaders to freely give of their time as speakers and session leaders.

Class XXVIII can be characterized as compassionate and connected with each other and the community. We are proud to say there are 50 dedicated, community-educated, passionate individuals who are ready to demonstrate their leadership in action. Already this class has come together to support numerous nonprofit efforts, providing a scholarship for others to experience the power of LGLR and supporting other chamber initiatives. As an example, when the class gave their small-group presentations on Community Day, one neighborhood stood out in terms of great need and the class came together with support for those needs.

Class XXVIII also knows how to have fun and go with the flow. One of our sessions landed on Valentine’s Day, and as co-chairs, we were a bit concerned about how the class would feel about giving up that special day in favor of class time. We needn’t have worried. They showed up with candy and valentines and surprised us with flowers, gifts and a serenade.

To be able to give back to a program that gave us so much has been both a privilege and an honor. To have led Class XXVIII — “The Incredibles” — has been a fabulous and humbling experience. Thank you for the opportunity.

Gary Parrish, Class XXVIII Chairman

Karen Fetzer, Class XXVIII Curriculum Chairman


Note from the Chairman: It is hard to me to imagine that this two-year journey is coming to a close. Over 100 new friendships have been established and my eyes have been opened to community successes and challenges. We have a very special and unique place to live, work, play and give back in the Greater Little Rock area. As I have gotten to know the graduates of the past two classes, I am confident that our community will benefit from the passion they have for the causes that they hold dear. It has been both an honor and privilege to have served Leadership Greater Little Rock. Thank you for a great two years — Gary



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