Tom Cotton Keeps Arkansas Republicans in Holding Pattern

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press  on Monday, Jul. 8, 2013 7:21 am  

Tom Cotton

Republicans who say they're considering a run for lieutenant governor if Darr doesn't seek re-election include state Reps. David Meeks, Andy Mayberry and Charlie Collins.

"I think it's very likely I'm going to get into that lieutenant governor's race," said Collins, R-Fayetteville. "Hopefully in the next couple of weeks there's going to be more clarity on that."

Collins and other Republicans point to the interest in the races as a sign of growth in a party that won control in November of the state Legislature for the first time since Reconstruction. Republicans in 2008 were unable to field a challenger to Pryor and no GOP candidates ran for three of the state's constitutional offices two years later.

State GOP Spokesman David Ray said though Cotton's decision will provide some certainty on other races, the party isn't rushing him or anyone else to make up their mind soon.

"I would say we're very comfortable with the way things are moving along. We're still 16 months out from the election," Ray said. "No one should feel any pressure to go ahead and announce one thing or another."

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