John Brown University's ‘Zero Landfill' Initiative Paying Off

by Chris Bahn  on Monday, Jul. 15, 2013 12:00 am  

Like the zero-landfill initiative, these projects require an initial investment. Plus, Brankle needs buy-in from administrators, staff, faculty and students. But as the zero-landfill project has proven, it is possible and that initial investment can benefit JBU.

“That’s money that can go to computers for students. It can go to remodeling residence halls, updating classrooms, whatever. But it goes to something that improves campus,” Brankle said. “We’re giving back to the school.

“Not everybody was on board at first,” he added. “But the recycle cops aren’t out there writing tickets. Not everybody does it right now. But hopefully, over time we’ll win them over.”

Greuel is among those on campus glad to help invest in the school’s future. For the professor and many in his division, the buy-in was easy.

“It’s great for the university,” Greuel said. “It makes a difference in terms of our finances and I just admire Steve for his work and vision. It adds work for him, but he manages that and does it well. ... Any way we can support those kinds of efforts, we try to do that.”



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