From the State Chamber of Commerce President Randy Zook

by Randy Zook  on Monday, Jul. 22, 2013 12:00 am  

Randy Zook

The Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce/Associated Industries of Arkansas is the leading advocate for Arkansas businesses at the state and national level.

Our mission is to aggressively promote a pro-business, free enterprise agenda and prevent unreasonable anti-business legislation, regulations and rules that hinder the ability for businesses to prosper. Now more than ever, business matters to our local, state and nation’s future. In this global economy, the competitive capacity of our private sectors must remain a step ahead — and the State Chamber/AIA works every day to ensure that possibility.

For more than 80 years, the Arkansas State Chamber has worked to make Arkansas a better place to do business by giving private sector employers a voice at our state’s and nation’s capitols and providing a full range of Arkansas-specific products and services. The Arkansas State Chamber’s active Governmental Affairs staff works in tandem with business leaders throughout the state to promote policies providing greater certainty for employers. In addition to representing employers to legislators and regulators, we:

Run a targeted political action network. Our non-partisan, pro-business leadership fund helps elect competent, pro-jobs legislators.

Take the lead on statewide initiative campaigns to fight for a strong jobs climate.

Engage in the judicial process, when needed, on behalf of Arkansas employers and the economy.

The State Chamber/AIA remains involved in the full range of issues having important implications for the business climate in Arkansas: capital gains and sales taxes, tax exemptions, unemployment insurance, water plans, energy policy, broadband access, tort reform, education/workforce development and environmental regulation to name a few.

Our National Issues efforts continue to follow federal issues of concern to Arkansas’s business community.

The U.S. Congress and President Obama’s administration continue to fall short on the efforts to reach agreement on important issues that could result in faster growth in our economy. Immigration reform, corporate tax reform, sensible energy policy, to name a few, all offer great opportunity to create more certainty and confidence that would stimulate business formation and expansion and the jobs that would come from that growth.

The next federal election cycle in 2014 will be an important one in Arkansas as well as nationally. Our partnership with BIPAC, a respected D.C.-based business advocacy group, will be more visible than in years past. Employers have a unique opportunity to help their employees understand the effect of government on the business environment and the outlook for employees’ jobs.

While voter interest remains intense, understanding of economic issues lags. The Arkansas Prosperity Project is designed to help bridge that gap effectively and provide individuals with useful information when making important decisions. Rather than telling people how to vote, it arms them with valid data to help them reach informed opinions of their own.

The Arkansas State Chamber will soon continue its tradition of taking our message on the road in partnership with our local chambers of commerce and economic development organizations to prepare for the upcoming 2014 sessions with our State Chamber Door-to-Door initiative. Through the voice of our membership, our issues committees will begin meeting late summer and early fall to establish our legislative priorities for the next legislative sessions.

As the Arkansas State Chamber convenes its 85th Annual Meeting on Thursday, Nov. 14, we look forward to hearing how the 2014 elections will affect the economies of our state and our nation.

Randy Zook


Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce/AIA



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