Improved Electrical Transmission Systems In Arkansas Costing Millions

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Aug. 19, 2013 12:00 am  

Sugg said the gantlet of challenges AECC is facing in the transition can be narrowed to three categories: training, upgrading and strategizing.

“One of the challenges has been getting AECC organized internally,” Sugg said. “It affects virtually every department in the company, and coming up with a way to address this in a coordinated way has been something of a challenge.

“In each of the functional areas, there’s a significant amount of training that needs to be done.”

Both SPP and MISO, Sugg said, have been working constantly with AECC to make sure the transition is smooth.

Second, the company must also install the gargantuan amount of technology the markets need. This has required a full overhaul of the company’s computer systems to handle the data load, Sugg said.

“Because this is a completely different way of doing business, that in and of itself is the challenge,” Sugg said.

“We’re having to learn entirely new rules to operate under, having to develop entirely new work flows on how we’re doing our day-to-day business. We’re having to put in complex computer systems to help us manage the enormous volume of data that comes with this new way of doing business.”

And learning how to use that software is “not trivial,” Sugg said.

“The implementation process is extremely lengthy and very detailed,” he said.

Finally, and most difficult, is building strategy for using the markets.

“Just because I might know the rules of playing poker, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be prepared to do anything but lose against somebody who’s very good at playing,” Sugg said.

The problem here is that the transmission operators can’t help.



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