Cantrell Valley Plaza Sells for $1 Million (Real Deals)

by George Waldon  on Monday, Aug. 26, 2013 12:00 am  

Cantrell Valley Plaza. (Photo by Jason Burt)

The 5.6-acre location was acquired for $73,000 in December 1997 from Monnie Holmes.

Office Refinance

A 54,772-SF office building in the Riverdale area of Little Rock was used to secure a $5.8 million funding agreement.

Rock Financial Group LLC, led by Walter Quinn, obtained the five-year loan from Summit Bank of Arkadelphia.

The 4.4-acre development at 1 Information Way previously was linked with a June 2008 mortgage of $5.9 million held by the bank.

Acxiom Plaza was purchased for $6.95 million five years ago from Riverdale Office Building Joint Venture, led by Acxiom Corp. and John Flake.

BSMD Mortgage

A mix of commercial and residential property in Little Rock is backing a $2.15 million financial package.

BSMD Holdings LLC, led by James Bryant and Brett Smith, received the three-year loan from Centennial Bank. The loan is secured by several transactions.

  • The 7,300-SF 2801-2805 Kavanaugh Blvd. project in the Hillcrest area was bought for $1.05 million in April 2007 from the Elizabeth Butterfield Whitbeck Trust, the Frank L. Whitbeck Share 2 Trust and the Selby Rowland Whitbeck Trust.
  • The 3,840-SF Canon Grill property at 2811 Kavanaugh Blvd. in the Hillcrest area was acquired for $600,000 in July 2006 from the Beverly B. Whitbeck Revocable Trust, led by Frank Whitbeck.
  • Two 862-SF condos and a 702-SF unit in The Cliffs project at 820 North St. were purchased for $335,000 in June 2008 from River Rock Properties LLC, led by Henry Jordan Sr. and Henry Jordan Jr.
  • A 1,180-SF house at 5223 I St. was bought for $210,000 in January 2006 from Sara and Jeffrey Priebe.
  • A 1,325-SF house at 5114 Cantrell Road was acquired for $145,000 in August 2009 from investors in Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. Asset-Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2005-R11.
  • A 1,092-SF house at 1204 Kavanaugh Blvd. was purchased for $141,000 in June 2008 from Jason Earley.



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