Jeff Long Says Discussions About Games at War Memorial Not in Plans

by Kurt Voigt, The Associated Press  on Thursday, Sep. 5, 2013 7:16 am  

Jeff Long

"I don't feel sensitive about it," Long said. "We love playing in Little Rock, the fans are great. I think people want to make something out of nothing. We're going to play in Little Rock. We love playing in Little Rock. You can't deny that there is a financial piece to this, and there is a travel piece to it, but those facts have been around for a long time."

Making scheduling more difficult for Arkansas and Long has been the addition of Texas A&M to the SEC. Following this season's trip to Fayetteville by the Aggies, the game will once again become an annual event in Cowboys Stadium in Texas - where it was played as a nonconference game before Texas A&M joined the SEC.

That means the Razorbacks will lose one home game in Fayetteville every other year, in addition to the two they play in Little Rock. Long said he would like to play a minimum of five games each year in Razorback Stadium, but there is a possibility of one season where the school might only have four games in Fayetteville.

"So, we'd just have to be prudent in how we plan for that and budget for it and things like that," Long said. "It's not overwhelming. We will just have to make some decisions on how we spend our money with less money to spend."

The debate over how many games Arkansas should play each season in Little Rock, if any, has been one of the most hotly contested issues in the state surrounding the Razorbacks for more than a decade - ever since the 2001 expansion of Razorback Stadium.

Many in central Arkansas aren't ready to let go of the Razorbacks, while others in Fayetteville believe the northwest corner of the state believe all home games should be on campus.

Long did his best to sidestep the debate, as well as the looming discussions over the future of games in War Memorial Stadium.

"I don't feel the pull between the two, I don't," Long said. "I honestly don't. I don't feel this big clash thing. Maybe others do. I find a very supportive fan base that wants the Razorbacks to be successful."

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